Disciples of Christ Mission Statements for Prayerful Consideration in 2017

To live so counter to this present culture as to demonstrate and share God's reign of justice, mercy, and love in our community and in the larger world community.

To grow this ecclesia in depth and number through study, prayer, and intentional listening for the purpose of nourishing relationships which live and speak the transformational strength and grace of Jesus' Way to all who will hear.

To share the Jesus whom we know with any who will listen.

To live counter to fear and greed by living the hope of resurrection and grace.

To grow an intentional community of believers working together to offer a variety of faith based relationships and settings for ignition and support of transformational learning and spiritual growth in Jesus' Way.

Believing in the transformational forces of grace and love, and interpreting all aspects of life through faith in God's love for all people. We live in an ever enlarging circle of transformational encounters and relationships through which we creatively live out God's intentions.

Interpreting life's drama through the lenses of prayer, study, and intentional listening. We seek to encounter others in lovingkindness, offering all grace.

In community with one another, we share our stories of walking Jesus' Way because we want to be an influence for the growth of God's reign on earth and because we cannot contain the love the Creator ignites within us.